The Most Powerful Storage Solution for VMware Environments. Period.

Gartner ranks Kaminario K2 as the #2 array for Server Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Storage Use Cases. The K2’s high performance, high scale, fully automated and low cost All-flash architecture makes the deployment and administration of VMware virtual machines a breeze. With the industry’s most efficient Inline data reduction features, native array replication supporting SRM, full VAAI and a vSphere web plug-in, the K2 will be the only storage platform needed to power any type of VMware environment.

Still unconvinced? See our #allflashsuperheroes in action by visiting our booth and learning how –

  • Virtual workloads gain consistent and predictable performance leveraging full support of VMware VAAI with Kaminario K2
  • Monitoring gets insightful when running VMware Log Insight with the Kaminario Content Pack
  • See live demos of virtualized database environments such as Oracle and SQL Server humm when throwing workloads at the K2 all-flash

Stop by our session and learn more:

Dynamically Composable NVMe-over-Fabrics Storage for Cloud Applications [STO1013BES]

Wednesday, Sept 13, 15:30 - 16:30

Tom O'Neill, CTO and Mike Uzan, Solutions Engineer - Kaminario

Let’s get the buzzwords out of the way – IOT and the autonomous-economy are driving massive amounts of data creation at the edge, while machine learning and AI are pushing the limits on data consumption at the core. That’s the obvious part. What is less apparent is how these forces are shifting the way storage is built and consumed. This session will explore how modern storage is responding to these challenges by leveraging ultra-low-latency protocols and interconnects such as NVMe and NVMe-over-Fabrics to create a dynamically composable storage vision. Apart from helping attendees look past the hype of NVMe, at this session, we’ll demonstrate Kaminario’s dynamically composable storage solution that will bring public-cloud-like flexibility to on-prem, hybrid and private-cloud storage deployments.

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