Customer Success

Kaminario K2 Boosts Performance and Drives Predictable Growth for Telefonica


  • Enhanced internet services were a growing and profitable business for Telefónica. However, storage performance couldn’t keep pace with demand. 


  • A dramatic performance boost during database maintenance with no service impacts:

  • Old storage processed only 1200 IO with delays of 10-12 miliseconds

  • Kaminario can process 240,000 IO in under 1/2 milliseconds

  • Ease of scalability and growth: Launched new services for Brazil potentially reaching over 80 million customers

  • The flexibility and predictability of scale-up and scale-out eliminate the requirement for deliberate over-provisioning. Capacity requirements decreased by two-thirds.  

  • Efficiency gains include excellent performance that improves TCO, save time, and eliminate bottlenecks while enabling faster feature development and release.

  • With Kaminiario Adaptive Block Size, Telefónica gained a single storage platform that handles mixed application traffic on the fly, with no performance impact.