Customer Success

Payoneer builds future-looking architecture to support their growth


It was a good thing - Payoneer was growing at a tremendous rate. However, from a technical perspective, their promise to customers waspayoneer_thumbnail_2.png a complete, responsive suite of services to manage all aspects of global payments. And that assurance included high performance and scalability. Unmatched performance. Unlimited scalability. Now, with their rapid growth, capacity requirements were doubling every six months. Promised scalability - to any number of payees or transaction volume - had become a challenge.


  • Consistent performance and -1ms latency regardless of load

  • BI performance ranging from 50 to 90% improvement


– BI Dashboards refresh in less than 3 seconds down from 30 seconds
– BI Daily process reduced to ~20 minutes, down from 40 minutes
– BI weekly process reduced to ~4 hours down from 8.5 hours
  • Snapshots for data protection and Test/Dev with no performance impacts on production
  • Installed, up and running in under 5 hours
  • Reduced data center footprint expenses