Customer Success

Intigua powers up QA Environment with Kaminario



  • Pioneer in software-defined data center operations continually optimizing time to market for SaaS based solution
  • Initigua QA team tests thousands of concurrently running virtual machines (VMs)
  • Development team needed storage storag solution with consistently high
    performance under loads with rapidly varying I/O


  • Able to run 7,000 virtual servers concurrently on a single K-Block K2 v5 All-Flash Array
  • 6:1 deduplication ratio plus 3.3:1 compression ratio giving a total data reduction ratio of 20:1
  • Throughput averaged 200 – 400 MB/s, peaking at 900 MB/s
  • Performance consistently high even with heavy I/O from booting, migrating, updating, and provisioning thousands of virtual servers simultaneously