Unleash the Full Power of Cisco UCS

An ideal compute, network, and storage infrastructure for today’s enterprise would have great agility and more than meet all of the technical requirements. It would have a variety of easy to change compute and network personalities, and a storage layer that would support multiple storage protocols, contain multiple inline space saving


The combination of Kaminario K2 storage and the Cisco UCS compute platform is an ideal collective infrastructure to power:

  • High bandwidth converged compute and networking layer from Cisco to optimize various workloads.
  • Storage optimized along both the performance and capacity vectors of flash drive technologies. Providing great performance as well as large capacities.

  • Ability to easily scale on both the compute and the storage level with Cisco UCS architecture and the Kaminario K2 scale up and scale out capabilities.

  • Complete DR solution using Kaminario asynchronous replication at the array level along with UCS service profile exports and imports between different domains.

  • Fully programmable infrastructure to reach automation goals using APIs for both UCS and Kaminario.