Accelerating SAP Performance and Scalability with Kaminario K2

Learn how to Eliminate I/O Bottlenecks

The different types of operations performed by databases can stress underlying servers and storage systems. Growing data volumes and compute-intensive applications are pushing databases to their limit, often slowing down the operations and increasing response time to the users.

A study of the performance of hundreds of applications released by Kaminario showed 90% of slow database performance was attributed to storage bottlenecks. These findings are also true for SAP. SAP application workloads are known to stress storage and create I/O bottlenecks. Accelerating storage performance  (and thus database performance) is crucial to success.

Read this whitepaper and find out how to answer these questions:

  • Does my SAP application suffer from I/O-related performance problems?
  • What is the Kaminario K2?
  • How can Kaminario K2 accelerate my SAP database performance?



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